Thanks so much for checking out my little oily world!

If we've not yet met, I'm Dani Flynn and I'm a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, writer, and an event planner fueled by herbal teas and essential oils. I thought I knew a little something about essential oils... until I was introduced to doTERRA in 2018. That's when my life was forever changed. 
My Quest for Wellness

When I started my journey to wellness, I was just turning 40 and was overwhelmed with feeling 'unwell': 

- Lethargy
- Digestive issues
- Hormone (and by extension, emotional) imbalances
,- Difficult sleeping
- Increasing anxiety

The list was long. And I was concerned. 
If this was my reality at 40, what did the future hold? 

But, I didn't have the energy to even figure out where to begin...
Then one day, I was given a sample of doTERRA DigestZen and Lemon essential oil. I applied the DigestZen topically to my upset stomach, and within seconds, the discomfort was gone.

With just one drop, I knew the game had changed. 

A week later, I attended an essential oil 101 workshop, and from that day to this one, my world is completely different!

Every single issue I struggled with initially was addressed or managed naturally within one month of my essential oil and supplement regime.

I’m forever grateful to the person who stepped out of her comfort zone to introduce me to these incredible gifts from the earth. 

And that is why I introduce these amazing products to others. They're a beautiful gift from our loving Creator; it only makes sense that he would give us everything we need to be healthy and happy right here on earth.

Are you begin your own journey to wellness?